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Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner


a vacuum cleaner

The invention of the vacuum cleaner evolved through a series of innovations by inventors across different eras and continents. From the first manually operated devices to the modern electric models, the history of the vacuum cleaner is a testament to human creativity and practicality.

Early Beginnings

The concept of a machine to clean floors using suction dates back to the 19th century. In 1860, Daniel Hess patented a carpet sweeper in the United States that employed a rotating brush and a bellows system to generate suction.

Hubert Booth and the Early Designs

In 1901, British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth patented the first powered vacuum cleaner. Booth’s invention was large and petrol-driven, primarily used for commercial cleaning services. It employed a horse-drawn system to transport the vacuum device.

James Murray Spangler and the Portable Cleaner

In 1907, James Murray Spangler, an American janitor, invented a portable electric vacuum cleaner. He combined a fan, a box, a pillowcase, and a broom handle to create a basic but functional vacuum. He later sold his patent to William Hoover, leading to the establishment of the Hoover Company.

Hoover’s Impact and Innovations

The Hoover Company played a pivotal role in popularizing the vacuum cleaner. In 1908, the first electrically powered Hoover vacuum cleaner was introduced to the market, revolutionizing household cleaning. Over the years, Hoover introduced various improvements, including disposable bags and beater bars for better cleaning.

Modern Era and Technological Advancements

In the mid-20th century, vacuum cleaners underwent significant technological advancements. Companies like Electrolux, Eureka, and Dyson introduced innovations such as bagless systems, cyclonic action, and improved filtration.


The evolution of the vacuum cleaner from Hess’s 1860 patent to modern, high-tech models represents a journey of innovation and practicality. Hubert Booth’s industrial-sized cleaner, Spangler’s portable electric model, and Hoover’s mass production played pivotal roles in shaping the vacuum cleaner as an indispensable household appliance.

The history of the vacuum cleaner showcases the relentless pursuit of efficiency and convenience in cleaning technology. From manual sweeping devices to powerful, high-tech machines, each inventor and their contribution has left an indelible mark on the evolution of cleaning technology, making our lives easier and homes cleaner.

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